Please welcome Jen Queen (from Elbow Room) as our next guest bartender! She’ll be making her own special drinks on the 1st of December, Thursday night. With a broad range of experiences and projects, Jen Queen had positioned herself as an expert bartender internationally and she knows exactly what she’s doing.

“I grew up in Columbus, Ohio where my mother managed a bar and my father ran a garage. It was a blue-collar existence where “craft” anything was unheard of in reference to food or drink. To be honest, most of my meals were from a box, and when I learned that food could be made from scratch it completely changed my life.
I moved to San Francisco to begin my 20’s, and I landed a job on the opening team of Tres Agaves Mexican Kitchen and Tequila lounge. I spent three years learning about agave spirits there, a time in my life that still inspires my studies today. I have made countless pilgrimages to tour, harvest, and distill in Jalisco over the years, and have recently received my Master Mezcalier Certification. Since those first days at Tres, I have been driven to learn and share all I can about spirits and this craft. Looking back, I think the most important thing I learned there, was not to over complicate things. An amazing margarita, for example, needs only three ingredients: Tequila, agave nectar, and fresh lime juice. My philosophy was born in that simplicity; Good things taste good… just leave it at that.

My last seven years were spent in San Diego, where I came into my own in a community of bar keeps that inspired me to push my limits, and taught me that the moment I think I know everything there is to know about bartending I should promptly quit. I gained a family in that crude collection of characters one would imagine when describing “the industry” in any great town. My partners and I were in the fortunate position of educating and inspiring a new generation of bartenders, all the while remaining students of the craft ourselves. I will never forget the lessons that have brought me here, and I realize how lucky I am to love what I do.

My current explorations have lead me to Phnom Penh, where I continue my discovery of new flavors and experiences. I am ever grateful for the opportunity to continue growing and bettering my craft. With the opening of Elbow Room this summer I look forward to expressing my findings in liquid form, and becoming a good neighbor; a friend who shares not only an adoration for this city, but further a drink with my community.”
Projects and notable mentions: Juniper & Ivy, Monello, La Puerta, Comun, Syrah, Searsucker, Burlap, Herringbone, Gingham, Gabardine, URBN,Sundance Film Festival, San Francisco Best of the West, Miami Food and Wine Festival, Certified Master Mezcalier, San Diego Chapter President United States Bartenders Guild. Co-Founder Blind Tiger Cocktail Co, Partnered in Snake Oil Cocktail Co. and Campine Catering.

Published in: The Huffington post, Esquire, wall street journal, food and wine magazine, EaterSD, Imbibe, Tasting Panel, Pacific Magazine, 944 Magazine, San Diego Magazine, Locale Magazine, Riviera Magazine, UT-TV, KUSI, NBC, and Fox news.